Polyroof Liquid Resin Systems

Polyroof liquid resin systems

JR Flat Roofing (UK) Ltd.

Polyroof liquid resin systems


Established in 1984, Polyroof Products Ltd is now one of the country’s premier producers of liquid applied flat roofing systems.

Certified by the British Board of Agrément and durability rated for 30 years, Polyroof is the permanent, guaranteed solution to all flat roof problems. An exclusive, seamless fibreglass system, Polyroof 185 and the newer Polyroof Protec systems totally eliminate all the shortcomings and short life of traditional felt and bitumen materials.

It has also proven itself superior to other fibreglass systems because of its specially developed flexi-resins. These accommodate normal structural expansion and contraction without damage, fusing all the components together into one tough, impervious skin that last for decades.

Polyroof delivers real long term peace of mind and value for money – not cheap, quick-fix solutions.
  • No seams – no cracks or leaks
  • No stones, moss or lichen
  • Tough enough for balconies
  • Can incorporate insulation
  • Available in range of colours
  • 30 Years life expectancy


A POLYROOF Contractor's Certificate
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